1848-D West Tharpe St.                         Obiechina Abakporo                                       (206) 354-1798

Tallahassee, FL 32303                              U.S. Citizen                                       oabakporo@yahoo.com


To enhance the quality of life for all of earth's inhabitants by being the positive influence that we all ask and search for; leading by example and demonstrating that change begins with the individual; doing my best to progress and make a difference in this world one child, one person, one community at a time.


Possess excellent skills in COMSOL Multiphysics, LabView, Working Model, MathCad, Pro E, AutoCad, Smart Sketch, Code Blocks, MATLAB, Adams, Maple and Microsoft Office. Proposed and conducted “Aspiring Engineers Inspiring to Make a Difference” (AEIMD) Camp at Florida A&M University to encourage young teens to pursue a STEM related degree once in college.


Florida A&M University

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, April 2012               Major GPA: 3.1


Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, May 2014                   Grad GPA: 3.2      

Cooling Channel Analysis to Enhance the Efficiency of Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic Panels

Advisors: Dr. Juan Ordonez and Dr. Alejandro Rivera, Mechanical Engineering Professors


Published Work:

ASME District F- Early Career Technical Conference Proceedings 2013

“Cooling Channel Analysis to Enhance the Efficiency of Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic Panels”



-      1st Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium, Florida A&M University, FAMU/FSU College of Engineering, Tallahassee, FL                                     March 2013

“Cooling Channel Analysis to Enhance the Efficiency of Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic Panels”

-       ASME District F- Early Career Technical Conference, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama                                                   November 2013

“Cooling Channel Analysis to Enhance the Efficiency of Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic Panels”



FSU Center of Advanced Power Systems (CAPS)                 Tallahassee, FL

Graduate Research Assistant                                                        August 2012 – Present

  • Perform heat transfer analysis via Finite Element Methods (FEM) to enhance various devices and machinery using COMSOL Multiphysics and other software
  • Conduct experiments for thermalacoustic refrigeration analysis to identify the relation of pressure and temperature variations for utilization of environmentally safe applications 

Energy and Sustainability Center (ESC)                               Tallahassee, FL

Graduate Research Assistant                                                        July 2012 – Present

  • Conduct experiments and maintain alternative energy technologies in Off-Grid Zero Emissions Building (OGZEB)

  • Sustainable energy technology integration and analysis of photovoltaic panels and flooded lead acid deep cycle battery energy storage system (BESS)

Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc.                                  Tallahassee, FL                                   

MEIS Mechanical Engineering Intern                                              June 2012 – August 2012

·         Automated Test Rigs using LabView to mitigate problems associated with human interaction          

·         Developed improved HMI to control various pressure tests and integrate test stations

·         Assembled and tested various compressors for performance verification

Gulf County STEM Academy                                               Tallahassee, FL

Instructor of Vehicle and Energy Lab                                              June 2011 – August 2011

·         Created curriculum for class

·         Administered hybrid vehicle construction and testing


NASA LBJSC                                                                     Houston, TX

Pseudo Gravity Research Project (Dr. Allen)                                  December 2010 – August 2011

  •          Lead Engineer

-       Calculated stresses and safety factors to determine materials for enclosure construction

-       Automated, tested quadcopter using Tekkotsu software and IPAD interface during simulation

-       Designated FAMU representative/speaker for Technical Research Review (TRR)

National High Magnetic Field Lab (NHMFL)               Tallahassee, FL         

Lab Manager of FAMU Lab (Dr. Moore)                                       September 2010 – May 2012

·         Assisted with the design modification of a spherical CVT using 3D modeling software

·         Technical advisor, install/update computers, and software


ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp           Tallahassee, FL

Instructor of Alternative Energy Lab (Fuel Cells)                              June 2010 – August 2010

  •          Introduced importance of environmental responsibility
  •          Taught chemical processes of fuel cells, administered fuel cell vehicle construction

Engineering Concept Institute (ECI)                      Tallahassee, FL

Instructor of Electrical Lab (Circuits)                                 June 2010 – August 2010

  •          Introduced primary electrical engineering laws: Ohm’s, Kirchoff’s, Thevenin’s

  •          Created various worksheets and developed activities to facilitate learning


Teaching Assistant (TA)

  •          Thermodynamics, Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, First Year Engineering Lab, 
               Mechanical Systems I, Engineering Design Methods, Sustainable Power Generation Systems

Senior Design Project:

Autonomous Palm Pruning Device

  •          Lead Mechanical Engineer

-       Designed autonomous robot to ascend and descend oil palm trees and harvest the fruit

-       Developed code (C language) to remotely control cutting mechanism on robot (King Climber)

-       Collaborated with industrial and other mechanical engineers to accomplish project


U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) 2013 (Washington D.C.)

  •          Selected to attend ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit
  •          Awarded to students who are energy leaders on their campuses and have the goal of transitioning to a professional career in the energy sector

Florida Academy of Sciences (FAS) 77th Annual Meeting 2013 at Barry University (Miami, FL)

  •          Submitted abstract and chosen to present research of PEM Fuel Cell


World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) 2012 (Atlanta, GA)

  •          Recipient of scholarship to attend WEEC
  •          Awarded to outstanding students planning to pursue an engineering career in the energy field



  •          American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) FAMU-FSU Chapter
  •          Executive board member of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) FAMU-FSU Chapter
  •          Engineers Without Border (EWB) FAMU-FSU Chapter
  •          FSU Robotics Club

                                                                                     References Available Upon Request 

  1433 Nena Hills Court                                                                                                 Twan Capehart                                                                                                                           Tallahassee, Florida 32304                                                                             twan1.capehart@gmail.com                                                                                                           (954)261-4854                                                                                                                                                                                 

Academic Objective:

Ph. D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering (Variable Stiffness CVT’s for Robotic Applications – Florida A & M University)



Masters of  Science-Mechanical Engineering, Florida A&M University, April 27, 2012, GPA 3.53


Bachelors of Science (Cum Laude)-Mechanical Engineering, Florida A&M University, April 30, 2010,  GPA 3.17


Relevant Course History:                                                                                                                                                                      

Ÿ  2009-2010: Design using Finite Element Method; Intro to Micro/Nano Technology; Vehicle Design; Machine Design; Applied Statistics for Engineering; Advanced Dynamics; Computer Aided Design; Fundamental of Propulsions

Ÿ  2010-2011: Design & Analysis of Control Systems; Intro to Mobile Robotics; Vehicle Design; Mechatronics; Modeling and Simulation

Ÿ  2011-2012: Analysis in Mechanical Engineering; Classical Dynamics; Adaptive Controls

Ÿ  2012-1013: Intro to Robotics; Advanced Controls; Analysis in Mechanical Engineering II

Ÿ  2013-2014: Bio-Robotic Locomotion; CVT Optimization;

Ÿ  2014-2015: Experimental SCVT for Legged Robots; Simulations of SCVT Gearing;


Research Experience:

August 2013  – Present

Doctoral Candidate, Mechanical Engineering Department

FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, Tallahassee, FL

Dissertation Topic – A study into Variable Stiffness Spherical Continuously Variable Transmissions for use in Robotic and BioInspired Applications.

-Investigation into Variable Impedance CVT devices and their applications in bio-inspired robotics.

-Simulation, design and experimentation of gear ratio modulation using continuously variable transmission.

-Study into CVT scaling and performance of miniature CVTs


May 2010 - Nov 2011

Graduate Researcher, Mechanical Engineering Department/ The Boeing Company

FAMU-FSU College of Engineering,Tallahassee, FL

-Perform analysis on current ORU Lift Sling used at Kennedy Space Center.

-Propose design for improved automated lift sling with required characteristics specified by The Boeing Company.

-Complete report of all analysis processes and build physical prototype of proposed system


 June 2008 – May 2010

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Department

FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, Tallahassee, FL

-Research Assistant: Producing a physical apparatus and conducting multiple experiments and data analysis on “Passive Variable Camber Thesis for Wheeled Mobile Robots” by Joseph Auchter

-In charge of design modifications using Solidworks software, fabrication process of parts and inventory of hardware used in experiment.

-Programming software to control working hardware and recover data via Visual Basic Coding Language.


Work Experience:

June 15-June 19,2015

June 10 – June 14, 2013

June 9 – June 13, 2014

Asst. Director/ President, AEIMD Summer Science Camp

Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, FL

AEIMD-Aspiring Engineers Inspiring to Make a Difference

-Co-founder and Coordinator of Camp

-Assistant in Curriculum Development

-Fundraising Coordinator

-Instructor Class of 12-30 students


 Spring 2009 - Spring 2011, Spring 2014,

Fall 2014, Spring 2015

Teaching Assistant, Mechanical Engineering

Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, FL

Mechanical Systems I, Dynamic Systems I, Advanced Dynamics

-Instructed Lab affiliated with class

-Instructed Class in absence of Professor

-Graded homework, lab reports, Group Projects, and Quizzes

-Proctored all test throughout semester

-Assisted students in course material, homework assignments and test preparation.


Aug. 4 - Aug. 8, 2008

 Summer Camp Attendee

Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati Oh

-Invited to attend Technical Summer Camp held by Procter & Gamble. Experienced some background to corporate engineering responsibilities in large competitive corporation.

- Offered internship opportunity for Summer 2009

Project Experiences:

January – March 2011

NASA MISI Microgravity Competition

Florida A & M University, FL – NASA’s Johnson Space Center, TX

-NASA competition intending for students to design and test a significant scientific design in reduced gravity on NASA’s Zero G aircraft.

 -Created original experiment to be performed in microgravity environment for NASA competition. Objective was to induce a constant gravitational force in a changing microgravity and perform a task.

-Integrated Calliope Mobile Manipulator Platform and Quadracopter to use as experimental apparatus during microgravity flight sequence.


September 2010 –   April 2011

Design of a Continuously Variable Amplification Device

Florida Conference on Recent Advances in Robotics and Robot Showcase 

-Authors: Little, Kirby; Roberts, Dr. Rodney; Moore, Dr. Carl A.; Capehart, Twan; Walsh, Dr. Kenneth


May 16, 2013

Variable Impedance CVT Mechanisms for Electromechanical Systems

Student Research Forum , Florida A & M University

-Presented research poster to faculty and industry members on variable impedance devices and current research progress.

-Second Place – Graduate students in engineering and environmental sciences.

September 13, 2012

ARTTI (Automated Real-Time Tracking Instrument)

Senior Design, FAMU – FSU COE – Harris Corporation, Tallahassee, FL

-Objective was to test microcontroller real-time tracking capabilities using an arbitrary apparatus with COTS parts.

-Presented clear overview to the Mechanical Engineering Advisor Council (MEAC).





Graduate Student Advisory Board (FAMU-FSU College of Engineering)

  • 2013-2014 Chair – Leader of advisory board. Directed meeting structure, topics and cultivated environment for progressive brainstorming. Structured Annual Recommendations report. Liaison between GASB and college administration.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE):

  • 2010-2011 Chapter President - Leader of Chapter Executive Board and membership. Point of Contact of corporate affiliations and chapter business. Provide vision and direction for chapter membership.
  • 2009-2010 Region 3 Academic Excellence Chairperson- Regional Chair for all business involving Academic Excellence   initiatives and programs in Region 3 (6 States, 67 Chapters)
  • 2008-2009 Chapter Conference Planning Chair- In charge of all aspects of planning and organization for Conferences that the FAMU-FSU Chapter participates in.

 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE):

  • 2008-2010 FAMU Treasurer- In charge of organization of finances in two club accounts.


Technical Training:

SolidWorks; Pro-Engineer; Adams; LabVIEW; Working Model; MATLAB; Simulink; Latex; Visual Basic; Java; C-Programming; MathCad

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