• Good Afternoon Dr. Abakporo,

We love the pictures and I have saved them as a screen saver slideshow on my computer!  From what I saw and heard from Jabari, I believe that             the AEIMD Summer Science Camp was fun, hands-on, as well as a great learning experience.  The children were exposed to many concepts that I         hope they will be able to retain and will apply in school.  We will definitely see you and Mr. Twan next year at AEIMD 2014.

Thank you,

Mrs. Candace Gilbert     

  • Hi Obie,

        Thank you so much for your great work with this summer camp. I knew it had to be something special for Jaylon to get up everyday before the                 alarm clock and then not want to leave at the end of each day. You have truly sparked something in Jaylon that I am so grateful for. My husband             and I struggled with Jaylon throughout middle school and him not giving 100% with school and not being a self motivator. 

        I am so hopeful that you have sparked something very positive in Jaylon and we are prayful that he will apply everything you taught him and apply           to him being successful in high school. We can not thank you enough.

        Jaylon will definitely be there next year!!

Thanks again,


  • Obie is committed to helping others to learn more about engineering and to pursue engineering studies. The goal of this camp is to increase minority participation in STEM-related degrees by introducing the upper Middle School campers to core STEM material. The Summer 2013 AEIMD Summer Science Camp was well received. Obie has clearly demonstrated his commitment to his education and to increasing the participation of underrepresented minorities in the STEM fields. I am confident that he will be an outstanding engineering leader in the future.
          Simone Peterson Hruda, Ph.D.
          Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
          FAMU/FSU College of Engineering

  • Hello Obie,

We appreciate your kind remarks and taking notice of Devon's personality, activity, relationship, and learning strengths. We are very proud of                   Devon...to have him as a son is truly a gift from God. He is an awesome, mentally strong, and talented young fella with a lot of potential. 

        As adults, we have the responsibility of helping our youth discover, develop, and use their many God given talents and gifts. This is the very                     encouraging feedback that we need as parents about our children. You are doing an awesome job Obie! Devon is definitely interested in returning             next year. All being well, we will make sure he gets there. Hopefully, with a few more youth.  

        Again, we thank you and Twan for being positive role models and your investment in the lives of our youth! Wish you every blessing in your                     endeavors to make a difference in this world. Never give up nor give in. 

        Best Regards,

~Felicia Presely~

"A man or woman is but the product of his/her thoughts, what he/she thinks, he/she becomes."



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